Rowing Class Is Fun!

If you like spin class, we're sure you'll fall in love with our classes. We darken the room so you can focus on yourself, we pump up the beats to get you moving, then we sync the lights to the beat so you row in time with the music. You'll be having so much fun you might even learn to enjoy that burning feeling in your lungs!

Rowing works your whole body

Every major muscle group is utilised in the rowing movement, so you know you'll be getting an awesome workout and burning a boatload of calories.

Rowing is zero-impact and non weight-bearing

If you're worried about your joints and want to improve your cardiovascular health rowing is the perfect exercise for you. Rowing is sometimes even prescribed to athletes to rehabilitate and maintain their fitness while recovering from injuries sustained from other sports. (However, everyone's body is unique. Do consult a doctor to get the green light if you are currently or have recently been injured)

Rowing helps your posture

Rowing focuses on the posterior chain. The main muscles worked are the legs and back muscles. As you get stronger rowing you'll also be building the strength and flexibility needed for great posture.

Rowing is the perfect combination of strength and endurance

A good rowing stroke combines an explosive drive as you slide backwards, and a short rest while you recover after finishing the drive. Performed at 20 to 30 times a minute for 45 minutes, you'll feel the burn quickly and power through till the end!

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