Welcome to the Row Revolution blog!

If you’ve been looking at all the numbers on the screen every class, wondering how to interpret them and understand your workouts better… Good news! 

We’ll be making a series of posts to explain each number – what is actually being measured and why you should (or should not) care about it.

Hopefully, we’ll help to answer questions such as “should I be more concerned about my total meters or calories, my wattage or my split?”, “why is my power going up but my split not coming down as fast”, “why do I sometimes row a longer distance but burn fewer calories (or vice versa)?”, and many more.

We may get a little technical and mathematical, because we want to share as much as possible and don’t want to insult your intelligence by dumbing things down. 

If you’re excited to learn more, look out for posts from this series every Wednesday!

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