To reserve a class, click here. Select the class time and an available erg.

If the class you want is full, you may choose to go on the waitlist. This requires a deposit of 1 credit which will only be deducted should a space be opened for you. You will be notified by email if you are successful and have been allocated a place. Cancellation charges apply as per normal.

Referring a friend is easy, and you get rewarded with a free class credit for each new friend who attends a class*.
To refer a friend, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account
  • Scroll down to “Referrals”
  • Click on ‘invite a friend’
  • Send your personal referral link to your friend and have them sign up through that link
  • You will receive your free class the day after they attend their first class

*Class must be attended using a paid credit.

Yes. All series except ‘first timer’, ‘single class’ and ‘unlimited’ can be shared by up to two people. To activate sharing, both people must have an account. Have one person buy a series, then email with instructions on who to share with. (Do note that if sharing is activated, all available series will be shared.)

If it’s your first visit, do arrive at least 20min before class starts to allow enough time to settle in, and for your instructor to help you get set-up on your machine.

For subsequent visits, you’ll just need to check in at the reception, grab a locker key and towel, and be ready to rock the class!

Our Late Policy
We know you have busy schedules and we respect that – that’s why our classes start on time. We encourage you to arrive at least 10 minutes before class (20 minutes for first-timers) so you have time to set up and be ready. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the class after the scheduled commencement time, as it would disrupt the experience for those already in class. If you are refused entry, it will count as a no-show and you will still be charged for the class. ‘Unlimited’ series holders will have one day deducted from their series.

Our Cancellation Policy
We understand that sometimes life happens and you have to cancel a class. However, we ask that you cancel at least 6 hours before your scheduled class so that others may have a chance to take your spot. After 6 hours prior to class commencement, cancellation will be considered a no-show and you will still be charged for the class. ‘Unlimited’ series holders will have one day deducted from their series.

Dress comfortably, but do avoid long tops and baggy pants as these might get caught under your seat when you slide back and forth. Shoes are recommended but not compulsory. If you choose to go shoe-less, socks are a must!

We provide towels for use during your workout and your shower after, so you don’t have to worry about those. Do bring your own water bottle to fill from our coolers, as we do not sell bottled water.

You must be at least 14 years old. If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must be physically present before your first class to sign a waiver form.

Rowing is a zero-impact, full body exercise. It also provides a perfect combination of resistance and endurance training. Find out more here.

Building huge muscles is not something one can achieve through rowing alone. Increasing muscle mass significantly requires a combination of excess calories (on top of the extra you burn through rowing!), surplus protein intake, and resistance training. In other words, unless you bulk up your diet, any type of training alone isn’t going to bulk up your body. Additionally for females, a lower testosterone level than men makes it more difficult to add muscle mass even if it is desired.

Of course! We begin the warm-up portion of every class explaining and practising the proper movements for a good rowing stroke so you’ll be up to speed and ready to rip fat ergos in no time!

We’re proud of you for deciding to take charge and improve your fitness! Don’t worry we all start somewhere. You can adjust the resistance on your machine any time during the class (find out more about damper settings here). What’s more, the beauty of the indoor rower is that it adapts to how hard you pull. So even for the same stroke rate and damper setting you are always in control of how much effort you put into each stroke.

We recommend you check with your doctor. If you have rowed in the past and your doctor says it’s OK… then YES! Do inform us when you register so that we can provide any extra assistance if needed.

Yes. You will be issued a locker and two towels (one for your workout and one bath towel) when you register. We do provide shower facilities in the studio.

Yes. We don’t believe in charging for plain ol’ H2O. However for environmental reasons we do not provide disposable cups, so please bring your own bottle.

Concept2 machines are the gold standard for indoor rowers, used by Olympians and professional teams worldwide. They provide accurate data on your performance, unlike water rowers which may look pretty but tend to be very generous in their measurements. We know you take your workouts seriously and we want to help you track your performance accurately.

Definitely! To book a private class, please call, or write to us at

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