Dear Row Rev Family,

           Phase 3 remains just on the horizon, so tantalizingly close, yet still so far. In the meantime, operating costs remain a clear a present reality.

           Even when Phase 3 does come around (eventually) it appears that the requirement for physical distancing is likely to remain in place, and justifiably so. Working-out without masks in an enclosed indoor space carries a higher level of risk, and so physical distancing is undeniably necessary. However, this means that class sizes continue to be too small for us to sustain operations.

           The studio has been hanging on since July, in hope that things would get better. Although they have, it’s simply not enough. The losses we have suffered for the past four months, coupled with the likelihood that the need for separation (and hence reduced class size) will remain for the immediate future, leaves me no choice but to shut down the studio in December. The last day of class will be 5 Dec 2020.

          Details of our closing, and refunding your outstanding class series can be found below.

          I know that coming to class is a highlight for many of you. Whether it is a time for self-care, meeting friends, for working toward a goal, you have each made our classes worthwhile and meaningful. While it is sad that the Row Revolution story is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean an end to all that you’ve gained with us. You don’t NEED to attend class in order to achieve your goals – stay committed to yourself, and you’ll find that fitness is yours to make happen in a multitude of ways; You CAN make time for yourself and your gang – a rowing class is simply one of many means to the same end. The form on the surface may change, but what lies beneath – what lies within you, remains.

          We have one last month of classes together. Let’s make the most of them and savour the experiences while we can. Stay strong, and thank you for being a part of Row Revolution.

Yours in fitness and health,

Significant Dates:

  • 5 Dec – Last day of class
  • 12 Dec – Last day for submission of refund requests (see below)

Liquidation Sale:

  • If you’d like to own your very own indoor rower to keep rowing, you can get one at $1,199 each (usual retail price starts from $1,800+GST). Email to reserve one now, and collect between 7-12 Dec. Delivery can be arranged ($50 delivery fee).
  • Also, visit our carousell page to find more bargains on items up for liquidation.

Refund of Series:

  • Series must fulfil ALL the following criteria to be eligible for refund:
    • Series must have been purchased after 20 Jul 2020 (studio’s reopening post-circuit-breaker)
    • Series must NOT have been extended beyond its original validity
    • Series must have at least 1 unused credit remaining
  • Refund value = purchase price X remaining credits ÷ original number of credits
  • Refunds will be made only via Paynow to your mobile phone number
  • Refunds will only be processed once per customer
  • Refund procedure:
    • Ensure you have no outstanding bookings/wait-lists
      • If the refund is processed with outstanding bookings, these credits will not be refunded should you subsequently cancel your spot
    • Email by 2359hrs on 12 Dec 2020, requesting a refund on your outstanding credits
      • Provide the email address of your Row Revolution account and the mobile phone number linked to payNow at which you wish to receive the funds
    • You will receive your refund by 15 Dec.
    • Refund requests received after 2359hrs on 12 Dec 2020 will NOT be granted.
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