Who are we?

Row Revolution is a movement to initiate and inspire transformation in each individual, helping them to take charge of their lives and become stronger than before. Where change is constant, a revolution is an endless motion, working ceaselessly toward a better self.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to help create a healthy community of people working to improve themselves. We believe that there are no shortcuts on the road to better cardiovascular health, but the journey can be fun and exciting. The mission of Row Revolution is to provide convenient, safe, and effective workouts to help our customers to achieve their fitness goals.

Our Values


To be progressive in creating effective workout programs. To be meticulous and technically skilled, in order to engender self-improvement. To be dynamic, supplementing knowledge and constantly advancing.


To inspire commitment and discipline in our customers, and support them in attaining their goals. To nurture well-being, feeding the mind, heart, body and soul.


To build a sense of camaraderie and cultivate a team spirit. To invoke a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where sharing of goals inspires improvement.

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